He neither drinks coffee nor tea, wakes up at 4 am in the morning to scribble down ideas that comes to his head. He is more right brained than left.


For over 15 years, Jace Tan has been working with HR Managers, leaders and team supervisors by using psychometrics to identify talents, plan strategically and align business goals. He has conducted personality profiling of more than 10,000 people, helping them to understand their strengths and how they can improve specific areas not clear to them. 

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Today, Jace works with CEOs and senior management on a confidential basis, to identify talents, coach key executives and train HR practitioners.  By using the quick and easy psychometric tool known as Identi3®, companies have achieved results of up to 90% improvement in their corporate performance. 


Jace is the author of many books and has been invited to speak on LIVE 93.8 FM and Money 89.3 FM on various HR and Leadership Topics.


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