If you have tried to get someone to change,

you know how difficult it can be!


The explanation is simple: 

People need to first talk about themselves 

Not knowing the fundamental of human nature will derail your chances of success. 

Let me give you a new
that allows you to become empathetic and
capable of resolving your client's real issues.

Become a better COACH today

D.E.E.P Coaching Framework is a FREE resource for Teachers, Managers and Coaches

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"Simple yet powerful concept that will significantly change the way we (Coaches) coach."

Frederick Toh

Executive Coach


"What can I say? I enjoyed reading your other books and this one came at no surprises. With your years of experience in Coaching, you have hit the nail on the head (again)!"

Judy Seah

Marketing Manager

'As an Educator for more than two decades, I have never come across such astonishing concept -  Simple to understand, Easy to implement and Effective for the Teacher.'

Tess Yeoh

MOE Teacher

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