This is the Sequel to 'What's Your Bind Spot'

You should read that before reading 'What's Your Genius'

Almost one in two Singaporeans are unhappy at work.

Less than half of Singapore’s employees or 49% were found to be satisfied with their current jobs. 

Many of us grow up wanting to please the people around us or afraid to believe in our own dreams.
We grow up into unhappy adults, working in unhappy jobs. 
Often we are a Lost Talent, an UnderAchiever or a Raw Diamond but rarely a Genius in our field. 
Stage 4
A Genius
Stage 2
An UnderAchiever
Stage 3
A Lost Talent
Stage 1
A Raw Diamond

“The world has been waiting for something like this. This book gives them their next step for their career and life goals!”

Sebastian Tan


“Well written. Very useful for those in search of their meaning in life.”

Tiffany Wong Li Shan

“I wished I had such a book and guidance when I was much younger. But it's never too late.”

Peter Lim S.H

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